Spotify: how to sell your merchandise from your artist profile

By Forward, November 08, 2021


With 365 million listeners worldwide, Spotify is the world's most popular audio streaming subscription service, and that makes it the ultimate place for artists and labels to build their fan bases. But now Spotify gives you the opportunity for your fans to not only listen to your music; but also interact with their favorite artists, catch up with other fans, sing along to every lyric at concerts (either live or virtually) and, of course, show their engagement with products.

For artists, that fan support is their soul. That's why the Spotify for Artists team is focused on developing new tools and resources to help artists turn listeners into fans, fans into super fans, and eventually earn more, not only through music, but also through marketing, ticket sales, tips, Fans First emails and more. As part of that ongoing effort, and its new integration with Shopify, Spotify now offers artists even more opportunities to increase additional revenue streams, such as merchandise.

Selling products is not just about commerce, it's also about connection.

Shopify makes it easy for artists and their teams to manage inventory and control the items that appear on their profiles. (For example, out-of-stock items are automatically removed from your profile). As soon as you're ready to release your new merchandise, you can immediately share it with your fans and leverage your launch moments so they can browse your merchandise while listening to your new music.

Putting your merchandise on Spotify with Shopify is easy: all you need to get started is admin access to your Spotify for Artists account and a Shopify store. Just log into your Spotify for Artists dashboard on desktop, go to the "Profile" tab, and click "Merchandise" to get started. From there, you'll be able to choose the three items from your store that you want to include in your artist profile. Note that you can only link one Shopify store per artist and vice versa. For users without Shopify accounts, the platform offers a 90-day free trial to all Spotify artists signing up for the first time.


While any artist globally can link their Shopify store, during this trial period, Shopify merchandise will only be visible to listeners in Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK and the US.

So get started today, reach out to your fans and followers, and turn your artist profile into a virtual sales table.

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