Beatport Genres: How can I change the genre of my song?

By Forward, September 01, 2021


Often we need to change the genre of our Beatport release but we don't know how, either because you have selected the wrong genre and need to change it or because you have configured the genre correctly, but Beatport has changed it.

In this article, we will see how we can solve your problem and request Beatport to change the genre of your music successfully.

One thing to keep in mind is that if Beatport has changed the genre of your song, it means that Beatport's selection team has listened to your song and decided that it fits better in another genre.

This usually happens if Beatport plans to feature your release somewhere in the genre they have changed it to, so be sure to look at the genre page and check that your release doesn't have any features before requesting a change. Beatport features are updated on Fridays, so we suggest you wait until the store update to request a change, in case you have been included somewhere.


Remember that as a record store, Beatport reserves the right to place your track in any genre in their store, without your permission. However, they do allow labels (many distributors will tell you that only they can request the change... this is not true) to make a request to change the genre back to the original genre setting.

The steps to follow are quite simple, all you have to do is fill out the Beatport request form and follow a few steps.

Beatport requires you to listen to their genre guidelines and select a song from their genre guidelines that best fits the sound of your track, so if you want the track to be moved into " Progressive House", for example, you have to select a song from the "Progressive House Guidelines" playlist.

If the genre you want to move the track to doesn't have a guideline yet, then select a track from the current Top 100 of the genre that most closely resembles your song.


Use the following links to fill in Beatport's form:

Beatport Genre Change Request

Beatport Genre Audio Example

Something very important to keep in mind is that submitting this request will not guarantee that Beatport will update the genre, as they have the final saying in their store.

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